Finishing Pride and Prejudice

October 28, 2020 Pride and Prejudice has many great chapters, including of course Darcy’s first proposal to Lizzie, but for my money the best chapter is the next one, when Lizzie receives his explanatory letter and her mind is sent into full-on turbulence, as she struggles with new information.  How she goes back and forth, … Continue reading Finishing Pride and Prejudice

Gaugamela and Austerlitz

September 2, 2020 I am struck by some parallels between two battles -- Gaugamela and Austerlitz.  I wonder in fact to what degree Napoleon copied Alexander’s tactics.  My son and I have enjoyed watching these videos and it's great fun to think about these things, though comments, clarifications and corrections are more than welcome here; … Continue reading Gaugamela and Austerlitz