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Fear and courage in Mark’s Gospel

I recently reread the Gospel of Mark and noticed, with appreciation, how many of the people in this Gospel, including Jesus’ closest disciples, are shown as confused, uncomprehending, and fearful. Fear, then, became a theme for me in this rereading, partly prompted by Rowan Williams’ book, “Meeting God in Mark”. I made the lists below,…

Adam and Eve’s undiscovered country

For all that has been said about Milton creating a relatively sympathetic Satan in “Paradise Lost,” there is no question that Satan becomes less sympathetic as the poem progresses. In short, we have less sympathy for him as we get to know him. His lies become more transparent, for one thing. And he does his…

Paradise Regained

If I knew little about “Paradise Lost” before reading it this past summer, I knew nothing about “Paradise Regained”.  I guessed that it would deal with the Second Coming, but I was off by at least two thousand years. “Paradise Regained” is a short retelling of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. That’s an episode from…

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