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Female beauty in Adam Bede

In George Eliot’s “Adam Bede,” the titular character is a “sensible” man of high principles who falls in love with Hetty Sorrel, a superficial girl who does not love or understand him. He, in turn, loves Hetty but doesn’t understand her. This is a common and very human situation, as Eliot observes with extended irony: … Continue reading Female beauty in Adam Bede

Lonesome Dove and Adam Bede

I’ve recently read George Eliot’s first novel, “Adam Bede.” It’s a racier novel than I had come to expect, having read “Middlemarch” and “Silas Marner”. Do people still speak of “racy” novels in this day and age? Well, I considered calling it straight-up sexy, but this is still 19th century Victorian literature, and it’s still … Continue reading Lonesome Dove and Adam Bede

East of Eden

I recently read John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden“, a novel so rich, and long, that one blog post couldn’t begin to uncover even 2% of it. But below I’ve quoted passages from the novel that I’ll talk about both in themselves and in relation to certain texts: the Bible, principally Genesis and Job; Miguel de … Continue reading East of Eden

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