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After reading Hebrews

Jesus —

Freed us from death by dying (and conquering death): Rom 5.18, Heb 2.14-17, 1 Cor 15.21

Freed us from daily sacrifices by becoming a sacrifice: Heb 7.27

Freed us from the Law’s curse, by becoming a curse: Gal 3.13

Freed us from the Law, by being born subject to the Law: Gal 4.4-5

Freed us from sin, by coming in the likeness of sin: Rom 5.21, 8.3, 1 Pet 2.24

Comforts us in suffering by suffering: Heb 2.18, 4.15, 5.2

Mediates between God and human beings by becoming a human being: 1 Tim 2.5-6

Will free all of creation from decay: Rom 8.6-23, 2 Cor 5:2

From David Bentley Hart’s “The New Testament”

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