November 17, 2020 It’s often said that “Northanger Abbey” is similar to “Don Quixote.” I would think that Austen read Cervantes, but I’m just finding out about a 1752 novel called “The Female Quixote; or, the Adventures of Arabella,” by Charlotte Lennox, that Austen read and even praised in an 1807 letter. This is … Continue reading Arabella

Don Quixote’s Profession

October 17, 2020 I’ve finished Mark van Doren’s slim volume, “Don Quixote’s Profession.”  Someday I must read “Don Quixote” again with van Doren’s idea that DQ was acting, and with Nabokov’s idea that DQ had many victories.  These were not things that I appreciated in my own reading.  The idea that DQ was acting barely … Continue reading Don Quixote’s Profession