McMurtry and Cervantes

Larry McMurtry published “Streets of Laredo”, his sequel to “Lonesome Dove”, in summer 1993.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution then ran a piece by Michael Skube, who compared “Lonesome Dove” to “Don Quixote”:   Living briefly off the luster of its predecessor, a sequel establishes its own grounds as art or it diminishes the work from which … Continue reading McMurtry and Cervantes

Don Quixote and Lonesome Dove

I've recently finished Larry's McMurtry's western, "Lonesome Dove," a magnificent novel that I cannot get off my mind. I've been doing a little research about the book, and apparently McMurtry was partly inspired by "Don Quixote." In his 2008 memoir, he wrote: [E]arly on, I read some version of Don Quixote and pondered the grave … Continue reading Don Quixote and Lonesome Dove

82 chapters into Don Quixote

October 7, 2020 Don Quijote has taken up many roles now that are actually knightly in their way.  During the Basilio story he becomes something of a marriage-counselor at arms.  He stops an incipient brawl at the wedding, which probably counts as the single best thing he’s done.  He tries to be a peacemaker in … Continue reading 82 chapters into Don Quixote