Let there be electromagnetism

In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light.” Or, in translation:

“The four-dimensional divergence of an antisymmetric second rank tensor equals zero”.

That is the formula for light. In physics, light is defined as a form of electromagnetic radiation. If I understand correctly, what we have in the video above is James Clerk Maxwell’s Equations for electromagnetism as formulated within the theory of special relativity, a theory developed by Einstein some decades after Maxwell’s original work.

I am not a physicist or even a student of physics, and it’s the connection with Genesis that I wanted to highlight. I recently bought a T-shirt like the one mentioned by Michio Kaku — and may God help me if anyone asks me to explain what the T-shirt says! For a dive into the physics, see here.

Michio Kaku is famous enough not to need further introduction, but let me at least link to one of my favorites among his mind-stretching videos. In this one, he uses physics — string theory, in particular — to make a fascinating bridge between the Buddhist idea of Nirvana and the God of Genesis:

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