Northanger Abbey movie (2007)

November 16, 2020 I’ve just seen the 2007 version of “Northanger Abbey”, and maybe my expectations were too high, but it was disappointing.  Everything is too broad and obvious.  We know, for example, who are the bad apples because they are clearly, ominously bad as soon as we see them.  All mystery, ambiguity, and uncertainty … Continue reading Northanger Abbey movie (2007)

Northanger Abbey

November 13, 2020 Spoilers ahead Finished “Northanger Abbey.”  Ok, I’m going to be grossly unfair to Austen here, but I’ve got to call this one “The One With the Brothers and Sisters”: the Morlands (Catherine/James), the Thorpes (Isabella/John), and the Tilneys (Eleanor/Henry/Frederick). “Persuasion” can be “The One With the Widow(er)s.”  I guess “Emma” would have … Continue reading Northanger Abbey

Gaugamela and Austerlitz

September 2, 2020 I am struck by some parallels between two battles -- Gaugamela and Austerlitz.  I wonder in fact to what degree Napoleon copied Alexander’s tactics.  My son and I have enjoyed watching these videos and it's great fun to think about these things, though comments, clarifications and corrections are more than welcome here; … Continue reading Gaugamela and Austerlitz

Napoleon and Alexander the Greats?

September 1, 2020 Reading “War and Peace” and watching Epic History TV’s documentaries about Napoleon and Alexander the Great (see below), I’m struck by some parallels between the two men.  Alexander’s conquests spread Hellenistic culture and some Greek ideas about democracy.  Napoleon’s conquests are said to have exported some of the ideas of the French … Continue reading Napoleon and Alexander the Greats?