After reading Hebrews

Jesus —

Freed us from death by dying (and conquering death): Rom 5.18, Heb 2.14-17, 1 Cor 15.21

Freed us from daily sacrifices by becoming a sacrifice: Heb 7.27

Freed us from the Law’s curse, by becoming a curse: Gal 3.13

Freed us from the Law, by being born subject to the Law: Gal 4.4-5

Freed us from sin, by coming in the likeness of sin: Rom 5.21, 8.3, 1 Pet 2.24

Comforts us in suffering by suffering: Heb 2.18, 4.15, 5.2

Mediates between God and human beings by becoming a human being: 1 Tim 2.5-6

Will free all of creation from decay: Rom 8.6-23, 2 Cor 5:2

From David Bentley Hart’s “The New Testament”

4 thoughts on “After reading Hebrews

  1. I inadvertently pressed the send button.
    I do not like to suffer in any way. I might imagine myself pouring myself out for another in some heroic fashion but then when too much is demanded of me I long for peace and tranquility. I find comfort in U,A Fanthorpe’s poem, The Comforters.
    “Because their aim was not comfort, these
    Are the comforters. That we find comfort
    In what they wrote is our affair,
    Not theirs. They never imagined immortality,
    But watched each minute instant so hard
    That it broke and flowered into ever.”

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